About Us

Hill’s Auctions has been in operation since 1972. Started by A.D. Hill, Sr., Hill’s Auctions has developed a reputation for honesty, integrity and conducting successful sales.

A full crew includes: auction setup personnel, 2-3 ring men or spotters, 2 or more helpers moving furniture & items to the sale area, 2-4 office personnel, auction clerk and of course the auctioneers. After the sale comes the clean up crew.

Most of Hill’s auctions are held “on site”- that is- at the farm, ranch, business or residence. Seating & protection from the elements are provided when necessary. Concessions are available. Contrary to what many folks believe, weather is not much of a factor when it comes to auctions. Buyers show up & stay in all kinds of weather. Only in an extreme circumstance will an auction be postponed. While specializing in Central & South Texas, Hill’s Auctions is willing to travel to any market to put on a successful sale. Auctions are held on a percentage basis with no up-front monies due from the sellers. Hill’s accepts partial estates & quality consignments. With our extensive mailing list, built over the last 27 years, we attract quality buyers & hold successful sales.

Call Hill’s for a free, no obligation, no strings attached appointment. 830-889-7862