Keys to a Successful Auction

There are 3 keys essential to having a successful auction sale. Hill’s Auctions has 27 years experience in conducting successful auctions for their customers.

1. Planning and Preparation
We know how to do the advance work to be sure the auction proceeds smoothly and professionally. Planning and preparation includes establishing the proper “Terms and Conditions” that will govern the auction, method of payment, transfer of title and bill of sale, time and place of pick-up and all the other details that must be addressed and coordinated. We identify and tag all items prior to the sale, using a computer to track items and sales. We attend to all the details that must be addressed and coordinated prior to the auction sale. We even come in ahead of time to wash and clean if needed.

2. Promotion
Promotion and marketing of the auction sale is the single most important part of a successful sale. This includes all the advertising and promotion of the sale including newspaper ads, direct mail brochures, telemarketing and the new medium of the internet.
An auction is doomed to failure without proper exposure and advertising to attract bidders. Proper advertising and promotion is necessary to insure fair market value is realized for the items being sold.

3. Sale Management
Proper management of the sale is important to insure the sale proceeds smoothly and professionally with all participants being satisfied in the end. We provide adequate staff during the sale to conduct the sale efficiently, assist the buyers and keep the sale running smoothly. For large sales, we will have 1 or 2 ring-men to facilitate bid catching and coax out a few more bids.
We will arrange for concessions at the sale so the bidders don’t have to leave the sale to get food or refreshment.